Garden Rubbish Removal

Garden rubbish removal is a service that can help tidy up your yard in no time. Hiring a professional to do the job for you will save you both time and money, so don’t hesitate to call one of our team today.

What is garden rubbish removal?

Garden rubbish removal is the process of removing all the waste from your garden, from leaves and lawn to decomposing plant material. It can be a big job, but with the right tools and tips it can be done quickly and easily.
Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Plan your route beforehand. Decide where you want to take each piece of garden waste and map out a route that will take you there. This will help avoid any unnecessary trips and wasted time.

2. Use a trash bag or container for each item. Label each bag or container with the item’s name and the corresponding bin or disposal area. This will make tracking down the waste much easier.

3. Make sure you have all the required instruments. You will need a trash bag, shovel, rake, and/or hoe to remove garden waste. Be sure to have gloves, a hat, and sunscreen if weather permits.

4. Start small and work your way up. If you are starting from scratch, begin by removing larger items such as leaves and branches first. Once these are cleared away, work on smaller items such as broken pottery or straw bales. Do not try

Types of garden rubbish removal

When it comes to garden rubbish removal, there are three main types to keep in mind: manual removal, bin collection and skip hire. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks, so it’s important to select the method that best suits your needs.

Manual Removal

Manual removal is the simplest option and can be done by anyone with a bit of strength. Simply grab all the waste you can and carry it away. This is the least efficient option, but it’s also the cheapest.

Bin Collection

Bin collection is better than manual removal because it’s more efficient. Your council will collect your bins twice a week, and they’ll usually take larger items like furniture or appliances along with the rubbish. This option is more expensive than skip hire, but it’s also more environmentally friendly because you’re not relying on landfill.

Skip Hire

Skip hire is the most efficient option and it’s perfect for people who have a lot of garden rubbish. You can fill up a skip with all your waste and then hire someone to take it away. This option is more expensive than both bin collection and manual removal, but it’s worth it because you won’t have to waste time sorting through your

Which areas of the UK are best for garden rubbish removal?

Garden rubbish removal can be a great way to clear out your yard and make it look nicer. However, there are certain areas of the UK that are better suited for this task than others. Here are three of the best:

The North East of England

The North West of England

The South East of England

How to clear your garden of rubbish

Clearing your garden of rubbish is a great way to get rid of any unwanted items and make your space look tidy and organized. There are a few different ways to clear your garden of rubbish, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Here are few methods to get started:

1. Bag it up! If you’re using a bag, make sure to double bag everything to prevent any smells or mess. When it’s time to recycle or compost the material, simply take the bags to the appropriate location.

2. Get creative! If you don’t have any bags or containers available, there are many other ways to clear your garden of rubbish. You can use a rake or broom to clean the ground, or use a hose to wash the objects down. Just be sure to stay safe while cleaning—wear gloves, goggles, and a dust mask if necessary.

3. Call a professional! If you don’t want to do any of the work yourself, hiring a professional clearance service may be the best option for you. They will help you gather all of the rubbish in one place, and they will also ensure that everything is disposed of properly.

Where to dispose of garden waste

In order to keep your garden looking neat and tidy, you will need to remove any garden rubbish regularly. Here are some tips on how to dispose of garden waste:

  • Compost: Take all organic material (leaves, grass, twigs, flowers) and put them in a compost bin. This will help to improve the soil quality and help to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill.
  • Bin it: If you can’t compost or don’t have a bin, try to recycle as much of your garden waste as possible. Make sure you put all recyclable materials in the right categories – plastics, metals, paper etc.
  • Put it in the ground: If you can’t recycle or compost it, try putting your garden waste in the ground. This will help to improve the soil quality and help to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill.


If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to get rid of garden rubbish, then Garden Waste Removal is the company for you. We offer a wide range of services that include waste removal from gardens, driveways and patios, as well as tree pruning and stump grinding. Plus, our team is highly experienced in the field, which means that we can take care of your rubbish disposal quickly and efficiently. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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